DAY 1:
Students will continue developing their personal symbols using their initials, however disguising the letters so they just look like non-representational designs.
Students will choose favorite design and enlarge it to 5"x5".
They will then learn about symmetry, and choose 1/2 of a design to make a symmetrical symbol.
They will draw a line through the center of one sketch and enlarge just that half into half of a 5"x5" square. They will then trace that side, and transfer it to the other 1/2 of the square. Making a perfect mirror image of the original side.
Finally students will have two 5"x5" symbols (one original and one symmetrical)

They will choose one of these symbols (their favorite) and trace it on to their 6" x 18" Line Design Paper. The symbol will be the focal point.
The Line Design is the first major project. (see project rubric and example on the navigation on the left).